As one local Attorney stated: “I will never be in the real estate rental market! The general public and most landlords have no idea of the pitfalls, legal traps, and the myriad of State, local, and Federal laws in which they have to perfectly navigate in order to be successful. If they knew these things, most people would avoid renting out their homes.”

For those of us who choose to invest in rentals, Quality Property Management helps you navigate those pitfalls and traps turning anxiety into relief and lost rents into greater returns.


What Services Does The Property Management Company Provide For Their Fees?

Quality Property Management Company advertises your property (see Cost below), screens applicants, verifies employment and landlord references; provides a written rental agreement to keep you in compliance with all landlord-tenant statues; we do move-out inspections, send notices to tenants, and evict them if necessary for non-payment of rent or other violations of the rental agreement. We collect rent and security deposits, pay bills including mortgage payments, insurance or any other payments requested by an owner.


Quality Property Management Company does periodic inspections of the properties, annual interior/exterior inspections, and special inspections at the request of the owner.


Although some of our clients do their own maintenance, Quality Property Management Company has a fabulous maintenance department. Our maintenance staff performs minor plumbing, carpentry, and rent-ready repairs. We also have reliable contractors who provide services at special discounted rates, which we pass on to owners. Through our flexible management agreement, owners can decide how maintenance issues are handled. In it you limit how much money is authorized to spend on maintenance. However, it may be necessary to exceed that amount due to an emergency. In that case, we will notify the owner as soon as possible. Through our maintenance department, we protect the interests of all concerned by ensuring essential services are provided to the tenants. Each account is individually tailored to meet owner’s needs.

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Monthly Statements:

Owners are able to access their statements Online, 24/7. Monthly statements show the income collected, expenses paid, and disbursements to owners during the accounting period. These statements itemize the cash flow and year to date activity that can be used for tax purposes. For owners who are set up on ACH, direct deposits begin on the 10th of the month. Otherwise, checks are mailed to owners beginning the 15th of the month (weekends and holidays may affect the dates).

Other Benefits:

Quality Property Management Company is your full time agent/landlord/property manager. Don’t concern yourself with tenant issues that can disrupt your life. We will take those late night emergency phone calls for you! We deal with tenants directly to, settle disputes, perform evictions, and enforce tenants’ compliance with rental agreement provisions. Our 24 hour answering service means we’re always available to assist with emergencies, and other challenges. You can be free to spend your valuable time in other pursuits.


The cost of our property management service is based on the Location, Condition, and Number of units placed under management. Fees range from 5 to10 percent of monthly rents. One unit is normally 8%, while large apartment complexes are 5-6%. All fees are negotiable for larger complexes and/or high rent ranges, and multiple accounts. All advertising is paid for by the owner at a rate of $55 per month. Our prices provide the best “Bang for the Buck” in southern Oregon.

Why Quality Property Management Company?

Quality property Management Company stays updated on all Federal, State and Local housing laws, so you can rest assured that everything will be in compliance with any landlord-tenant requirements. We stay updated on the most efficient and cost effective ways to maintain your investment property and the latest innovative ways to market and increase rental values. We have an excellent staff that is experienced in all phases of property management, maintenance, and accounting. OUR goal is to provide you with the best possible service, at a price you can afford.

Given all the pitfalls of our legal system, and the fact that we live in a litigious society, the rental business can be hostile towards owners. Quality Property Management aims to help our clients navigate the legal pitfalls that could lead to financial losses. As landlords, we are required to do some tough things in order to protect our clients’ interests. At times we are required to Evict tenants for various reasons. We enforce rental agreements. We also inform our clients when they are in danger of violating landlord-tenant law. We willingly take on these challenges and do what is best for those we serve.

Why Quality Property Management?  We do the tough things that you can’t do, won’t do, and shouldn’t do. We do these things to help bring the enjoyment back to rental property ownership.

Thank You For The Opportunity To Earn Your Business


"They are knowledgeable professionals who look out for our best interests. They find the right tenant and are available at all times and answer questions promptly. I recommend to anyone who is looking for a property manager."
- Client Testimonial


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