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We are a full service Management Company located in the heart of Southern Oregon (Jackson County Demographics) devoted to giving both tenants and investment owners personalized service. Property Management today is much more than just collecting rents and filling vacancies, it is providing a full range of professional services, maintaining strong professional relationships with tenants, and pursuing objectives to maximize your assets.

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Do I Need a Property Manager?
Take the Test to Find Out!

  1. Do all rental property owner needs to hire a property manager?    Yes   No
    The correct answer is NO. Not all owners might need property management. Read on… the Questions get more interesting and revealing...take the challenge!
  2. Do I know current Federal, State, and Local laws well enough to aggressively protect my property interests?    Yes   No
  3. Do I like hiring attorneys to represent me in Landlord/tenant court at $ 300 per hour?    Yes   No
  4. Did I know QPM is authorized to do that for you for $ 60.00 plus court costs per court appearance?    Yes   No
  5. Am I tired of tenants calling all hours of the day & night?    Yes   No
  6. Am I proficient on Habitability issues, fines and penalties that can be levied against me simply because of tenant unfounded accusations?    Yes   No
  7. I know market rents, screening and applicant qualification requirements.    Yes   No
  8. My rental agreements and required addenda are well enough written to protect me when I go to court?    Yes   No
  9. Are they current?    Yes   No
  10. I know how to evict a tenant and require no help or advice.    Yes   No
  11. Do I like making required repairs on my rental unit?    Yes   No
  12. Am I even competent to do so?    Yes   No
  13. Did I know the #1 reason Quality Property Management clients give for hiring property management?    Yes   No
    The simple answer is “I can’t do this any more!” or “My tenants are taking advantage of me!” “Its time to hire a professional!”

If you answered NO to any of the above questions, please call Robert Rood’s personal line NOW: 541-200-2660 You’ll be very glad you did. What are you waiting for? Call NOW! “Trust the Q”

QPM simply the “BEST BANG for the BUCK”!!!

Find out what 33 years property management experience can do for you!

QPM your full service property management company.

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Why hire Quality Property Management

Why Should I Use Quality Property Management?

Established in 1988, Quality Property Management has the experience to help you navigate most challenges facing landlords. Given all the pitfalls of our legal system, and the fact that we live in a litigious society, the rental business can be hostile towards owners. Quality Property Management aims to help our clients navigate the legal pitfalls that could lead to financial losses. As landlords, we are required to do some tough things in order to protect our clients’ interests. At times we are required to Evict tenants for various reasons. We enforce rental agreements. We also inform our clients when they are in danger of violating landlord-tenant law. We willingly take on these challenges and do what is best for those we serve.

Why Quality Property Management? We do the tough things that you can’t do, won’t do, and shouldn’t do. We do these things to help bring the enjoyment back to rental property ownership.

Quality Property Management Company stays updated on all Federal, State and Local housing laws, so you can rest assured that everything will be in compliance with any landlord-tenant requirements. We stay updated on the most efficient and cost effective ways to maintain your investment property and the latest innovative ways to market and increase rental values. We have an excellent staff that is experienced in all phases of property management, maintenance, and accounting. OUR goal is to provide you with the best possible service, at a price you can afford.

What Our Clients Have To Say

What Our Clients Have To Say...