"I'm an out of state property owner, and Quality Property Management has managed my Oregon property (22 units) for over 6 years. I've found them to be fair, responsive, organized and reasonable with both owners and residents. In fact, they're excellent. Yes, they won't put up with deadbeats who don't pay their rent or meet their other obligations. But they also fight for residents to ensure that the rented units are properly maintained to a correct standard. I have the repair bills, and have personally seen the improvements to prove it!"
- Steve Gizzi

"I have rented from this company for about 6 years. I was evicted because I lost my job and could not pay my rent. During the court proceedings, Mr. Rood (the owner) was compassionate and understood my situation: I had just found a new job that paid me a lot less than my previous job and I could not afford my place anymore. In mediation, me and the landlord worked out a deal that I would move asap, and waived some of the money I owed. I tried to move but no other property Management company would rent to me because of a past felony, and the eviction on my record. I sat down with the owner of QPM, explained my troubles, and he worked with me to get me into a place that I could afford that they manage. They gave me a second chance when no one else would. I am grateful for their compassion and they helped me turn things around in my life."
- S. Garcia

"I am happy with how they have managed my rentals. They have been fair and have worked to keep dead beats out. Their eviction service is second to none. QPM only gets 4 stars as none are perfect, and all eventually make mistakes. I fully endorse this company."
- Mike O