Maintenance Request

Getting Repairs Made

Most residential rental units will need to be repaired at one time or another. There are two ways a landlord is most likely to learn about the need for repairs. One is through the landlord's inspection of the rental. The other is by a report from the tenant. To report a maintenance issue please login to your tenant portal, or call (541) 776-7674.

Some problems start small but can cause significant damage over time. You should tell your landlord immediately if a repair is needed. You do not have to give your landlord written notice, but it is a good idea. Always keep a copy of any notice you give to your landlord. Remember, it is nearly impossible to hold the property manager accountable for unreported maintenance issues. Please be diligent in helping us to help you, by reporting all issues quickly.

Quality Property Management strives to resolve maintenance issues in a timely manner. We are bound by law to ensure the Habitability of the residence. Any maintenance condition that stops an essential service or adversely affects the safety and security of our tenants is considered a habitability issue, and must be resolved quickly. We work diligently to solve habitability issues with 7 days. However, there may be things beyond our control that extend remediation time.We often rely on vendors, and suppliers who have various schedules and logistics. At times, these third parties need extra time to finish the project. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

We strive to resolve minor deficiencies of the residence. However, there are times that maintenance will have to be deferred until the Owner can afford the repair. Unfortunately, we cannot spend our owner's money on cosmetic or optional repairs without their authorization. Quality Property Management is constantly balancing the will of the owners with the desires of the tenants. We are called to serve both interests and try to resolve issues in a reasonable manner.